Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Across the glistening mountain peaks of the Himalayas, the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean seas, the icy glaciers of the Antarctic, and the beamy beaches in the Bahamas the online travel guide takes you to all those places hidden from the well informed eye, information gathered by tourists taking that step towards the uncertain and finding a beautifully nested destination waiting to be discovered, and reminiscing the mesmerizing sight they see before their eyes.

<img src="Arvind Pandit.gif" alt=" Arvind Pandit " />When you wish to just get out and find that place driving you away from the cacophony of the modern day this is the place you should arrive. Glance through the amazing insights of these picturesque habitations that soothe the soul, mind and the body. 
To share the memories etched in the minds of fellow travelers and make them available for everyone to experience is the entire idea behind this guide, to share the love of travelling

I Arvind Pandit bring to you the very same emotions that rush through every part of my body as I savor the sights, food and the very place itself. This my noble service to you my fellow traveler, the service that will bring a smile to the face of millions around the globe.

Arvind Pandit

Online travel guide has been created to share my travel experiences to unexplored places across the globe. This will guide future fellow travelers visit all these places beyond their regular visit. I hope to share information on travel, stay, food and sightseeing for various travel destinations that I have visited over the years...